Reading the Paper at Breakfast

Our kids are currently on spring break. We’ve told them no screens until 2pm just to make it easy on us all. Refereeing other options was exhausting.

One problem we’ve run into is that we like to read the news on our phones with coffee in the morning. It’s confusing for the kids why we should be able to look at screens while they can’t.

To try to keep the peace we looked up some options and found Newsela. The kids have used it at school and gave it the thumbs up. I downloaded it onto the family ipad and after a slightly-confusing sign up process we had news for the kids.

The first article was about the Olympics being cancelled due to coronavirus. The second, and more appealing to my kids, was one about baby Yoda toys.

We got to read the news without feeling guilty and the kids read a couple of Newsela articles before wandering off to draw pictures.

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