Go inside the International Space Station, tour around Washington D.C., or check out the structures inside a human eye. The new Minecraft Education Collection features worlds you can download for free through June 30, 2020.

Our 8 year old Minecraft expert reviewer thought the International Space Station was amazing. He read manuals inside the world about the systems and history of the ISS.

Edit: we have now tried some of the others and the Washington D.C. world is excellent. There’s a scavenger hunt element and all kinds of things to learn as you go along.

To set it up:

  1. Go to the Minecraft Marketplace in the app (we tried it on an ipad)
  2. Search using the title of the world you want to try e.g. “international space station” or “Washington D.C.”
  3. “buy” the world – you’ll see it’s free
  4. Go to “create new” on the start page of the app and look for your new world in the templates section.

Please comment with reviews of other worlds or any issues/edits you have with accessing the worlds.

Thank you Mojang for helping Minecraft fans be productive in their learning while having fun in the game environment.

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    Yesterday my son finished the scavenger hunt and completed the eco car build. He was so excited and absolutely loved the challenge and the end result. Along the way he had to find all kinds of landmarks and answer quizzes. He remarked that “D.C. has a lot of memorials and monuments.” He now knows who assassinated Lincoln and what’s coming up on your right if you take Independence off of the Lincoln Memorial Circle.

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