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Yesterday I posted on Product Hunt. The site received 104 upvotes finishing the day in 14th position. It was also featured on Twitter by the Product Hunt account.

This was a real boost as I had been wondering how to get the word out without an ad budget. Visits soared and users contributed some excellent suggestions.

The mission for Kidalist is to help parents and kids find really great activities quickly and easily. Especially during this difficult time of Coronavirus quarantining and isolation and with many schools closed around the world.

Going forward the plan is to keep spreading the word through social shares and any other linking through sites like Product Hunt. If you have suggestions for where to post please comment below.

As important as sharing is expanding the resources on the website. Please submit your favorites!

FYI I am intentionally trying to keep as a supplement to, not a substitute for, a formal education. I am a parent and web designer but I am not an educator. Teachers are irreplaceable and priceless! They also use specialized platforms and resources that we aren’t featuring here as we don’t aim to be a homeschooling site. There will be some overlap e.g. Hour of Code or Khan Academy but again these are just supposed to be supplemental resources that are engaging enough to do at home, not a substitute for school.

For submissions we are looking for ideas are quick to get started with (not 10 clicks deep through a registration barrier or paywall) plus fun for kids and parents too.

Some times parents want a full-participation activity like math with playing cards other times we need something productive to occupy the kids like the Minecraft Education Collection or a drawing tutorial at Art for Kids Hub so we can get something else done. Other times it would be great to get off the screens for a while so that’s where something like free printable coloring pages comes in handy.

Lastly if you enjoyed one of the suggestions on Kidalist it would be great if you would take a moment to upvote it so that future visitors know it’s a good one. And if you have something to add that made the experience better please comment on the resource page so that future visitors can benefit from your knowledge.



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Kidalist - Crowdsourced kid activities for busy parents | Product Hunt Embed

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