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bounce house

Indoor/Outdoor Bounce House

A great option for kids to blow off steam and have a ton of fun. Some… 

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Cosmic Kids screenshot

Cosmic Kids Yoga & Meditation

Instructor-led yoga, dance and meditation videos for young children. Allows you… 

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Get Kids Moving

Superhero and movie character themed workouts including Avengers, Star Wars and… 

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Popcorn Catching Game by Playworks

Here’s a quick hand-eye co-ordination catching game that’s easy for… 

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Fitness Blender Workout for Kids

Indoor workout, no equipment needed. 

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DANCEPL3Y Follow Along

Follow along dance instruction to Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Part of a… 

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Would you Rather? Roblox Fitness

Fun way to get kids to do a workout inside. Best with more than one player but… 

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YMCA Yoga Weekday Winddown

12 mins of breathing and stretching to relax at the end of the day. Probably… 

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Learn to Juggle

Good tutorial to learn to juggle. Use balled shopping bags, balled socks, or… 

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Go Noodle

Go Noodle

Active screentime. Kids follow dance moves and game moves. Somewhat similar to… 

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chalk obstacle course for kids

Chalk Obstacle Course

Great for kids of all ages. You can make the course or let your children design… 

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Just Dance

Dance up a sweat with this video game. Available for PS4, XBox, Wii and Switch.… 

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Yoga for Kids by @aloyoga

Engaging 17 min yoga class for kids. 

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Zwift for Children

Zwift is an indoor cycling app that lets you ride in virtual worlds with other… 

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The Jenny Project

The Jenny Project

Created by a dance teacher, this collection of movement stories was inspired by… 

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Homemade Kid’s Peloton

If you have a Peloton or other indoor bike class app why not get the kids to… 

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P.E. With Joe

P.E. With Joe

As “The Body Coach” Joe has been providing free in-home YouTube… 

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Sports Illustrated Kids

Kids Sports 

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